Sparkly Stickers R Us

Sooooo…  It’s been a week or so.  (Two.  But who’s counting…)  Probably about time for an update, right?

Well, having crawled back on the wagon and clung to it like grim death, I got another pound off at the scales a couple of weeks ago.  Then, after a difficult enough week staying with my mammy-in-law (though that wasn’t what was difficult about it — my mammy-in-law ROCKS) because my Better Half was off wining and dining in Rome for a few days (well for SOME, eh?!)*** I was rather shocked to see another pound off last week, which earned me my first sparkly sticker.


The past few days have brought a fresh set of challenges (most of them very enjoyable, like going out for lunch for our wedding anniversary.  Plus there was that box of Maltesers that may or may not have been scoffed last night…) so there is possibly going to be a weeeeeeee gain this week?!  We’ll see.  Stranger things have happened.

I haven’t been all that bad.  Not off the wagon so much as running alongside it with arms and legs flailing wildly whilst screaming at the top of my lungs…  There was THIS on Monday night which has been the cause of me wanting to cry every time I have to pick something off the floor for the past day and a half:


Yes, I now see why Susan from SJ’s Fitness keeps telling me that consistency is key.  I missed two weeks of this so my body is no longer used to it and is reacting like it did in my first week.  Oh well.

Anyway.  Even with my expected gain this week, the aim over the next while is to chip away, a pound a week, and get my stone award as a wee Christmas present to myself.  Totally doable, right?!  It’s not lost on me that the last time I said that, I ended up going backwards on the weight loss front.  Ahem.  (Okay, so there was a baby in there too, but still.)


Sure, we’ll see how I get on!


*** In fairness, it was 99% business for him, not exactly a holiday (though that 1% did involve some bloody good pizza from what I heard).  I mean, he didn’t even get to see my favourite things about Rome: home of the Dominicans, San Clemente, and the wonderful lesser known painting of The Penultimate Supper in the Vatican!  He’ll just have to go back.  And bring me this time.

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