What’s With The Name?!

I would call this page “Frequently Asked Questions”, but given that I don’t have any readers asking any questions, that’d be a bit ridiculous…

Buuuuuuut, if I DIIIIID have readers (who didn’t know me), they’d probably be asking what’s the craic with the name…  Did I mess up when registering the domain name and land myself with a dodgy URL for the next two years?


WELL.  The losses bit is (hopefully) obvious, given the site content, no?  It’s somewhere to track my weight loss journey with Slimming World and maybe give some tips and hints along the way.

The Gaines bit?  I’ll give you one guess what my surname is…

see what you did

Personally, I thought it was rather clever.  I don’t think everyone has been quite as appreciative though.  Oh well.



I’ll not give up the day job just yet.


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